Johannes Dreuw is a freelance photographer based in Cologne. With photographic origins in the fashion and beauty industry he worked with photographers such as Claus Wickrath, René Schwerdtel, Margaretha Olschewski and many more around the world. Now he focuses on the outdoor sports market. His passion for the outdoors gives him and his team the proximity to the action which leads to authenticity and the unique look of his images.

Curriculum Vitae

1981 born in Eitorf, Germany

2005 - 2011 Studies of Photography (Art), Essen, Germany

2006 Internship at Jörg Saibou, Studio Saibou, Cologne

2007 - 2009 permanently employed assistant of Jörg Saibou, Studio Saibou, Cologne

2009 - 2011 Head of Studio at Studio Saibou, Cologne

in 2011 Graduation (and Qualification for Masterclass) in Essen

since 2012 Freelance Photographer


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